Our team

Along with our cybersecurity technology partners, our expertise derives from our specialist executive team and our specialist advisers. Meet the team…

Executive Team

Jean-Francois (JF) Tixeront

John Barton

Richard Marsden

JF is the CEO of Hoplon Cyber Security & tech entrepreneur, with experience in science & technology. JF has been responsible for the development and implementation of new platforms & distribution models in many industries. As a family man, JF understands the threats that households face every day, and what is at risk. Together with his team JF looks to diligently secure the virtual lives of all households & businesses

A veteran director in the wealth management space, John began his journey into cyber security when looking for a solution for his clients. Failing to find any suitable companies, a stroke of genius lead John and his colleagues to create Hoplon Cyber - to protect not only his clients, but all vulnerable households and SMEs

A well experience wealth management advisor & fiduciary - Richard has gained the trust and accolades of his peers & clients through his many years in the industry. The trust Richard's clients bestowed upon him lead him down the rabbit hole of cyber vulnerability, what his clients & their families could be susceptible too. This lead to a healthy partnership & creation of Hoplon Cyber to secure his clients & family.


James (Jimmy) Darwin

A world class cyber security expert with 30+ years of experience, led IBM's Security Architecture Consulting team responsible for the APAC region's customer adoption & success. He brings this experience to Hoplon Cyber Security processes & ensures strict adherence to the Essential 8 framework. Now at Okta, Jimmy is always looking to incorporate the latest in Identity & Credential Management technology to our capabilities & enhance our customers' security.


Dr. Jacqueline Drew

Dr. Jacqueline Drew is currently a Senior Lecturer at the School of Criminology and Criminal Justice - Griffith University. She holds a Bachelor of Behavioural Science (Honours) & a PhD in Organisational Psychology. She brings enormous experience & insights into Hackers' social engineering methods & contributes regularly to our advisory board. 


Adam McCarthy

As a special forces veteran, cyber security expert & CEO of ParaFlare, Adam guides the Hoplon Cyber Security team on how to adopt Entreprise-level solutions to SMEs, Professionals Working From Home & Households. He also provides insights on how big business solutions can be adapted to defuse the latest cyber threats for smaller businesses.  

Glen Nolan

Glenn Nolan

A cycling enthusiast & 20+ year veteran in the cyber security industry, Glenn is dedicated to using his experience as the CISO at Energy Queensland to assist Hoplon Cyber in securing SMEs & Households. Highly risk averse, he ensures the highest quality controls are applied to all of Hoplon Cyber Security operational processes & aligns to the Essential 8. His mission is to demystify & democratise Cyber Security for everyone.  


Our Expert Industry Advisory Board

Our board of industry veterans bring a wealth of experience in the Information Technology & Cyber Security space. With many years of acquired wisdom & operational experience in the trenches of Cyber Warfare these individuals provide oversight, perspective & direction to our Operation Team.

Meet Our Operations Team

Our Operations Team is a mix of young inspired minds and industry veterans, with the necessary qualifications and skills to defend any network from cyber attacks. Our team of experts look to implement not only security solutions, but peace of mind so you can continue your daily operations without pause.

Our mission is to stay ahead of the curve on all things cyber security, providing the most up to date and industry leading solutions to you.



Jarrod McNicholl

Head of Tech & Installation - Jarrod has experience with managing communities, servers and websites long term. A martial artist who looks to bring his keen eye and love of automation to Hoplon Cyber & our clients.



Sebastien Latouche

Head of Product Management - Seb is a hands-on tinkerer with a strong mind for hardware security and coding.



Dominic Bryant

A hungry, young, aspiring cyber security specialist with an intimate knowledge of the current risk climate in IT, forged by the technology of his generation.


Mehamood Hussain

A veteran of security, cryptography, policies & compliance. Mehamood brings the experience of large enterprise solutions to Hoplon Cyber.


Eric Rodriguez

Eric is our resident research, planning & execution expert. A music enthusiast who is eager to teach others the ways of cyber security.



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