Service Agreement Finance Professional Protection

Our Standard Offering (Finance Professional Protection Package) includes:

  • Run Vulnerability scan on your existing devices & networks.
  • Secure your credentials – Set up Account & Password Management, with MFA for your team.
  • Harden your devices – O/S & Software updates, Configure/Set-up/Harden devices, Data Encryption.
  • Secure your networks – set up staff & guests network + Network Attack Blocker.  
  • Integrate your security settings & security software – password manager, Cloud & USB backup, centrally managed Antivirus, Secure VPN, File, Web & Mail Threat protection. 
  • Active Threat Monitoring.
  • Provide templates for all policies and procedures. Provide assistance in designing business-specific policies & procedures if required (additional engagement). 
  • Provide initial & ongoing education and advice on cyber safe practices.
  • Support software updates to set up and new devices under overall agreement. 
  • Access to the Hoplon Cyber Newsletter, Community & Alerts, Educational Blogs, Discussion Forum, Q&A.
  • Provide you with Incident Response, Financial Coverage & IT Support in the event of breach – 24/7 local hotline (through Emergence Insurance Cover & Incident Support). 

Our complete Client Services Agreement can be viewed by clicking on this link.

Full terms can be viewed by clicking on this link.